Tuesday, June 5, 2012

By Prof. S. Balachandra Rao about our new book

    I am glad to bring to your kind notice a very good and immensely
informative and readable book,
"Chintamani Raghoonatha Charry and Contemporery Indian Astronomy". The
book is authored by Dr B S Shylaja,
Director, B'lore Assn. For Sc. Education (BASE) & J.N.
Planetarium(Taaralaya), Bangalore.
    This book highlights the contribution of an eminent astronomer,
Raghunatha Acharya (usually spelled as above during the British
regime!). who was a first assistant at the Madras Observatory. Dr
Shylaja's book is based on three monographs,
in English, Kannada and Urdu, which Raghunatha Acharya published in
the context of the famous Venus Transit of 1874.
    The new title was launched just yesterday (June 3,2012), three
days before the forthcoming Venus Transit, at the JN Planetarium in
Bangalore. The book is published jointly by BASE and  the famous
Navakarnataka Publications, wellknown for their progressive titles on
science, scientific temper and valued literature This is a book worth
cherishing! The following are the details for you to procure copies of
the book:
       Title: "Chintamani Raghoonatha Charry  and Contemporary Astronomy"
       Author: B.S.Shylaja
       Pages: 96
       Price: Rs.75/-
       Copies available @  Navakarnataka Publications Pvt Ltd,
                                     Embassy Centre, Crescent Road,
                                     Bangalore - 560 001
                                     Phone: 080- 30578028/35
                                     email: navakarnataka@gmail.com )

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